I am a polish artist, based in The Hague, Netherlands. I graduated from Fine Arts deparmtent at Royal Academy of Art in The Hague in 2023. 

Within my artistic practice, I create various worlds on paper and in the form of installations. I create bits and elements from different materials to try and construct a coherent magical, altern world. A distortedly mirrored reality that deals with daily concerns, but on its own terms. I use fantastic visuals as two headed bear with wings (Postcards from the Sky), purple crying monster (Postcards from the  Sky) or teethy flowers (Graduation work in progress) and fallen sun (sun never sets here) to try to place hard to reach emotion and give them all the big or little space they need to grow. I narrate a reality where vulnerability, pain and kind heartedness mutually coexist, and I try to disenchant fix notions of failure and weakness.